Hello Barry,

Advice, I am the last person to ask!

All I can say is just do whatever you come up with. The world of computers is anathema to me. The only place to ask Muslimgauze to do a live show in the UK is Leeds.

Just back from a Spanish event which was interesting, 4 AM in a Spanish bull ring. Last month was a ship in Rostock harbor.

You say Muslimgauze is "uncategorisable" which is great, commercial suicide but that's how I like it.

Last CD was "Narcotic".

This is a letter from Bryn to Barry Williams of the Manchester based experimental/electronica label Fflint Central. (1997)
After seeing Muslimgauze perform at the Duchess of York in Leeds and later meeting him after the performance, Barry had written to Bryn asking advice on distribution etc., whilst embarking on the initial stages in getting the Fflint label up and running with Tim Jones. Barry also asked about the possibility of any Muslimgauze gigs in Manchester.

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