Bryn Jones


Stubnitz Concert Review

Was this Friday the 13th? No, it was a Saturday, but still this event was plagued by bad luck, from the beginning. First Muslimgauze's flight was cancelled, so he arrived much delayed. Then the Stockholm police decided concerts could no longer be held on the boat. So the Muslimgauze show was turned into a private party for the Stubnitz crew and the Nursery staff, while the audience had to staff on upper deck, watching the concert live on TV monitors. On stage in an almost empty room, Muslimgauze drummed along to his DAT tapes filled with hard throbbing mid-eastern beats. What could have been an incredible show, was turned into a bizarre experience thanks to our pitiful Swedish authorities.

article by: Marten Sahlen
This text originally appeared in Stubnitz Magazin #18 (June, 1998)

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