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Several things first come to mind when I think Muslimgauze: Prolific, Political, and utterly unique. Let's start out with the first one. I know that you turn more releases out than most other artists. How long does it take to fully complete a release?

I hope and believe Muslimgauze to be unique, a sound unlike any other. Prolific, well I have a lot of ideas, believe in what I do, I do not care what anybody thinks of Muslimgauze, if you don't like the politics behind or the music itself, push off and listen to all the other crap that's around.

We do not work on a release, a piece is done at a time. A CD is drawn from various tracks which can span a few days, weeks or a month, or a day, each release is different

I have noticed looking through Muslimgauze sections in record stores that many of the releases are very limited, and I own quite a few of them myself. How large is the print run on most Muslimgauze CD's?

Some releases are limited editions, they are limited editions because if they were not they would not be released, so they are at least available in some form. They very from 500 to 2,000, it's up to the label.

Ok...time for politics. I know that you are very stern with your beliefs. Could you explain how you stand politically and how that puts a great deal into the content of your CD's?

Without the politics, the music would not exist. The political fact is the starting point, from this I am pushed into a musical idea, from this a Muslimgauze track emerges.

I have read that you are against the United States and England interfering with the affairs in the Middle East. Why do you hold this position?

Common sense should tell you. The USA / England kept out of China/Tibet Russia/Afghanistan, so why interfere in Iraq / Kuwait. I find Israel to be a vile regime, an occupation force that should be attacked in all forms. I hope that Hamas step-up their work in freeing their people from Zionist oppression.

Anybody looking at Palestine should see how vile Zionism is, support the Arabs in their fight.

Muslimgauze has a sound that no band has managed to reproduce, or most likely will never reproduce. How did you get into this style of music, being that it is so obscure to most people?

Muslimgauze, obscure, it never occurred to me!! I just hope we are totally separate from all others. Muslimgauze are not part of any scene, or type of music, you cannot say what type of music we do.

Most people do not buy Muslimgauze CDs, never have and never will, support has been little, mostly zero.

Throughout the years, Muslimgauze has continually improved in both overall sound and instrumentation. Several newer pieces have a noisier feel than what would be typical of older work. Can you explain the progression to the noisier material from the once ever-rhythmic beats?

Yes, Muslimgauze have improved, tracks and CDs are better, people are slow to discover, their loss. Yes more noise is used, whatever I feel is needed I do.

Have you ever toured or would you consider it for the future? (if so) Could you give a brief description of the typical Muslimgauze live performance?

We do some live events, not many. It's rare to be asked, but when Muslimgauze do a gig/event the reaction seems to be muted, poor. I put 100% into it, the people there put in 10%

Interview: Scott Mallonee
This interview originally appeared on
Grinding into Emptiness (June, 1998)

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