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Al-Zulfiquar Shaheed?

The words mean the sword of martyrs; of people that either died or have been murdered because they were Moslem, for example in Palestine, by the Zionist, or in India.

Your musical approaches for compositions "Veiled Sisters" or "Zealot" are very western, far from the ideals of Islam?

Muslimgauze doesn't express the Moslem ideology. Muslimgauze is mainly a group from Manchester; influenced by the worldwide politics, the situation in Palestine and the PLO. Muslimgauze doesn't try to be recognized or accepted by the Islamic people. Music is open to all. People are killed because of their opinions in the whole world, and it will always exist.

Are you Moslem? What do you think of Arafat?

Muslimgauze is English. Peace is the solution. When one has all; the earth (the country), money... the economic help march only on one hand. There are billions of American dollars for Israel, nothing for the Palestinians to that belongs the country. Arafat works for his people.

Your opinion on the situation in Algeria?

The radical Islamic increases in poverty. The Algerians want change, if one looks at what happens over there now. It is their problem, the outside interests don't have a word to say in this country.

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