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It seems I've been writing in favour of  Muslimgauze since the day I scratched my first record. I Initially I heard them through 'Real time' compilation cassette. Which helpfully included a comprehensive listing of addresses and releases.

From that I gained 'Inhalt', the third cassette from E.G. Oblique Graph as they were then called. This along with it's two predecessors was1 soon to be deleted with the advent of a name change to 'Muslimgauze'. At the time I wrote: "The beauty of the music is that it’s purely experimental, the minute it is found, it is finished." This naivety is still true today, but now the processes are far more involved and developed.

Since that time Muslimgauze have boosted their catalogue considerably including: 'Kabul'; an LP with an excellent pictorial booklet, a cassette 'Opaques', a 7” EP 'Hammer and Sickle' and most recently the highly imaginative 12” mini LP 'Hunting Out With An Ariel Eye'. The track we've featured on the compilation 'Life At The Top' has been taken from a piece called 'Dissidents', the full eighteen minute version will appear on an album soon.

article by Mark Balmer
This article originally appeared in the Abstract fanzine no.4 (1984)

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